Sinatra — Car Service Booking App

Muhannad Jaber
2 min readOct 4, 2020

For our second project at Flatiron software engineering program we had to create an MVC Sinatra app with basic requirements: Use ActiveRecord with Sinatra and multiple models with at least one has_many relationship on a user model and one belongs_to relationship on another model.

This app uses basic Model View Controller architecture. It has two simple models that interact with various routes in the Users_Controller and the Reservations_Controller.


First, I had to think about the models for this app and I decided to create an app that allows a user to create car service reservations. The relationship would be a user has many reservations and a reservation belongs to a user. This allows Users to create, view, update, and delete Reservations. A reservation has required attributes.


To keep the code for routes and their actions organized, I used a separate controller for each model. The Users controller focuses on signing up and logging in Users. The Reservations controller deals with creating, viewing, updating, and deleting Reservations.


In the Views section, I used embedded Ruby to generate html pages. The views serve the requested content from associated controllers.