For the final blog during my Flatiron journey, I want to summarize my experience and go over some of the most interesting topics that I’ve been learning for the past year.

The languages this experience has exposed me to are:






Ruby was the first language…

For our fourth software engineering project at Flatiron, we were tasked to create an app that consists of JavaScript frontend and Rails API backend. Client/server interaction must be handled asynchronously in JSON format. The Rails backend needs to have a resource with a has-many relationship and have at least 3…

For my Rails project, I decided to build on the app I created using Sinatra “Car Service Booking App”. So in LimoRes, the user can create, view, edit, and delete reservations. Some of the added features are: the ability to log in using Google account, save addresses in user’s profile…

For our second project at Flatiron software engineering program we had to create an MVC Sinatra app with basic requirements: Use ActiveRecord with Sinatra and multiple models with at least one has_many relationship on a user model and one belongs_to relationship on another model.

This app uses basic Model View…

CLI Ruby Gem — Premier League Statistics

I had several ideas in mind for this project. The goal is to build something interesting while making sure all the technical requirements are fulfilled. My passion for sports and specifically European soccer had made the choice for me. I decided to build…

Muhannad Jaber

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